The photo above perfectly depicts what we do—connect community with schools to benefit students! For forty years, the Council has carried out our non-profit mission to provide manpower and funding to recruit, train, and support school-based volunteers and partners to help Sarasota County School District students improve academically and become proud, productive community members.

Connecting caring adults with students who benefit from their support forges bonds across generations that strengthen the entire community.


As the nonprofit organization established in 1979 to support volunteerism and partnerships solely for Sarasota County district schools, we know that volunteers and partners in schools

  • support teachers in personalized instruction,
  • allow teachers and other school personnel to meet students’ needs more effectively,
  • broaden students’ experiences and world views,
  • serve as mentors and role-models to students, and
  • strengthen school-community understanding and relations all while volunteers and partners enrich their own lives!

Community engagement is a key element in the excellence of schools.


As a volunteer-run nonprofit, the TeamUP Volunteer & Partnership Council raises funds and puts in the hours to support programs in line with our mission. Currently, our primary initiative is the Rockin’ Reader program, a read-aloud program that improves Kindergarten and PreK students’ pre-reading skills by pairing them with a volunteer reader. You can support this program by donating funds for volunteer recruitment, volunteer training materials and sessions, program book sets, and more. Go to our Rockin’ Reader tab for detailed program information. We also promote student volunteerism through cash awards to high school seniors for outstanding volunteerism—another program you can support. See our Student Awards tab. All donated funds go directly to program support.

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TeamUP Volunteer & Partnership Council is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS (federal tax identification 59-2354722) and the State of Florida (N00078) and does not engage professional solicitors. 

100% of all contributions received are used to fulfill the organization’s mission.